Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Annual Educational Technology Forum

The Poorvu Center Forum, held annually, explores a topic related to engaging students in the classroom while using educational technology to enhance an evidence-based teaching strategy. The 2018 Forum highlighted different disciplines and how they use digital tools to manage the classroom, engage distant lecturers, and assess the learning that occurs in the classroom. The presentations focused on polling tools and active learning, lecturers on Zoom and the role of a guest in class, and assessment tools and the benefits of metacognition. The program also highlighted the research demonstrating the pedagogies paired with these tools to enhance student engagement and produce better learning outcomes.

Scott Strobel, Henry Ford II Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning gave the keynote talk on using curiosity and information gaps to promote student learning. He demonstrated effective use of polling questions to peak curiosity in students to promote learning.

The program guide of the event is available as a PDF.