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To Sign Up Email Us - yaleonlineed@gmail.com 

Coursera Tips:

Course Schedule: November 5th marks the first day of “class.” Each week has a suggested workload which functions as the course’s syllabus. Weekly workloads can be found on the course homepage under “Overview.”  Within the parameters of each week, work can be completed at your convenience.

Discussion Forums: Should you have any thoughts or questions regarding a lecture or reading, we encourage you to post them to the discussion forums. To post:

  1. Click the Discussions tab on the left.
  2. Click New Thread at the top right.
  3. Write your post, then choose a category for it.
  4. Click Post.

We also encourage you to reply and comment on existing posts! To reply to a post:

  1. Open the forum post you want to reply to.
  2. Scroll to bottom of thread, click Reply.

The forums found in this course are only available to Yale alumni.  A TA from the School of Management, Shuosong Chen, will be checking in daily to help answer any questions you post.

Progressing through the Course:

  1. From Homepage. Click Week 1 under Overview. It will take you to a module entitled: Introduction and Portfolio Diversification and Supporting Financial Institutions
  2. Click item one: Optional Readings.
  3. When item is complete, click Next in the top right hand corner.
  4. Repeat until module is complete.
  5. Click Back to Week 1 on the top left to return to Homepage.



Course Invitation

Hello Yale Alumni,

The Yale Center for Teaching and Learning is offering New York area alumni the opportunity to join Sterling Professor of Economics, Robert Shiller, as he conducts a private version of his open course, Financial Markets.

The course is one of Yale’s most popular and well-liked offerings on Coursera. To date, it boasts a 4.8/5 star rating with over 12,000 students completing it.

Prof. Shiller’s course is meant for anyone who would like to gain a better understanding of how Financial Markets impact our world. In it, you’ll be introduced to risk management and behavioral finance principles then offered an overview of the real-world functioning of securities, insurance, and banking industries.  The ultimate goal of this course is to learn how such industries can be used effectively and towards a better society.

The experience is being offered for free as a way to for alums to learn and reconnect with Yale without having to travel to New Haven. It will last 7 weeks, starting October 29th and ending December 15th. You can expect to devote 3-4 hours to the course each week, though your participation can vary based on personal preference.  Enrollment is first-come-first-served and will be capped at 200 learners. We sincerely hope you’ll join us!

If you would like to sign up or request further information email us at yaleonlineed@gmail.com

Those who would like to enroll please provide the following:

Preferred Name:

Preferred Email Address:

Class Year (optional):

Major (optional):

One thing you would like to learn about during this experience (optional):  

Experience Includes:

17 Hours of Recorded Content
Including lectures, salons, and chalk talks making sure you understand every concept along the way

Recorded Q&A with Robert Shiller
Robert will take the most interesting questions from the discussion forums and answer them on video!

Special Performance
Prof. Shiller will deliver a 1 hour talk on his new book entitled: Narrative Economics

Private Discussion Forums
Weekly discussions to be monitored by Prof. Shiller and 2  TA’s from Yale SOM

Invite from Prof. Shiller