Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Dissertation Writing Programs


The Graduate Writing Center offers dissertation writing programs are every stage of the dissertation writing process. See the list of the regular offerings below:

  • Choosing a Dissertation Topic
  • Prospectus Writing
  • Dissertation Writing Workshop

During the fall semester, we offer a panel with faculty from various departments to address how to approach selecting a dissertation research question and topic.

In September-October and in January-February, we offer Prospectus Writing workshops providing information on discipline-specific requirements in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. During those programs, advanced graduate students, who successfully defended their prospectuses, share their experience and answer questions.

Every year in September-November and January-March, the Graduate Writing Center offers an eight-session Dissertation Writing Workshop. The workshop helps participants learn about the dissertation process, be more productive at the initial stage of their writing, and share their experience with peers. During the eight sessions of this program, the participants discuss time management skills, note-taking techniques, ways to minimize distraction and procrastination, tips for effective work with dissertation advisors and committees, and strategies for revision and draft editing. During each session, they reflect on their dissertation progress and set goals for the next week.


All these programs are designed for graduate and professional students working on their dissertations and theses.

The Dissertation Writing Workshop is for doctoral students who have advanced to All But Dissertation stage (ABD) and started writing their dissertation.


The registration to these programs opens about two-three weeks in advance.