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Coursera Teaching Assistant


As a teaching assistant for this online course, you will work collaboratively with Poorvu Center project coordinators and faculty to guide and support subsequent cohorts of learners. Your main role will be to serve as a “Community Mentor” in the course. Community mentors are learners who, after completing a course on Coursera, generously give their time to guide and support learners in subsequent sessions of a course. As a mentor, you will contribute to the success of the course by helping learners navigate the Coursera platform, answering basic subject-matter questions, encouraging active and productive discussions in the course forums for 2 hours per week. 


You will contribute to the success of the course in a variety of ways. Specifically, you will: • Support learners by answering common questions related to the Coursera platform and the course content • Encourage learners to progress through the course and participate in the discussion forums • Moderate the discussion forums to ensure that threads remain on-topic and inclusive • Set an example by posting interesting discussion prompts and sharing their own thoughts, knowledge, and opinions in the forums • Provide feedback about the specific course and the broader Coursera learning experience to the Poorvu Center project coordinator and instructor Coursera requires that all Mentors receive training via a Mentor training course, a self-paced course with peer reviewed and multiple choice assessments. The training covers Mentor expectations, use of Coursera platform tools and moderator tools, answers to frequently-asked learner questions, forum moderation and communication best practices, and best practices for encouraging productive forum discussion. Time commitment: • Roughly 2 hours per week • 3-month initial term (can be extended)


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