Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

ATW: Mentoring in the Lab Environment


Graduate & Professional Students

Event Time 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Location of Event: 

ATW: Mentoring in the Lab Environment

Event Description 

“Multiple studies have shown that mentors and mentoring support play a critical role in a researcher’s personal and professional development. However, lab mentoring can be a challenging process. What pedagogical and mentoring strategies should we employ to support the mentee’s research journey? In this Advanced Teaching Workshop (ATW), we will discuss how to establish clear mentor-mentee expectations, support mentee career/research goals as well as facilitate personal independence in a scientific thinking process. Finally, we will discuss how thinking about inclusivity in the mentoring relationship can help open the path to research for all scientists. This workshop is suitable for those with prior mentoring experience, and those who are new to mentoring. Please, contact Nata Dudkina (nata.dudkina@yale.edu) or Roxanne Armfield (roxanne.armfield@yale.edu) with any questions or accessibility needs. 

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