Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

From Paper to Publication in the Humanities & Social Sciences Series


Graduate & Professional Students, Postdoctoral Fellows

Event Time 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Event Topic: 

From Paper to Publication in the Humanities & Social Sciences Series

Event Description 

There’s no time like the present to build up your publication record! This five-part series will guide you through the process of converting a seminar paper into a submission-ready journal article. To get you going on your path to publication, the first three sessions will discuss why some papers succeed in getting published while others fail, how to position your article within the relevant literature, and how to build a strong argument from introduction to conclusion. In the final two sessions, we will offer strategies for polishing your submission, writing a professional cover letter, and navigating those fascinating, and sometimes daunting, reviewer comments. We invite you to bring a draft seminar paper that you would like to convert into a journal article. We encourage you to attend all sessions of the series, but you may also attend the ones most convenient for your schedule. Intended audience: This series is tailored to suit the needs of graduate and professional school students in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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