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Writing a Compelling Research and Personal Statements in the Humanities & Social Sciences 2 of 2


Graduate & Professional Students

Event Time 

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Location of Event: 

Poorvu Center, 301 York street, Room 121

Event Description 

Part 1: Writing Research Statements and Proposals for Fellowships and Grants in the Humanities and Social Sciences This workshop is devoted to composing research statements for fellowship and grant applications. We will discuss the differences between research statements and proposals, think about how to differentiate your research and personal statements, and consider how to tell the story of your research and make the case for its importance to a general audience. Finally, we will evaluate sample prompts and statements so that you can walk away with a clearer idea of how to write effectively in this critical genre of academic writing. ​​​​​​​… . Part 2: Writing Personal Statements for Fellowships and Grants in the Humanities and Social Sciences Planning to apply for a fellowship or grant in the humanities or social sciences? Let us offer you some tips and guidelines and tips to help you start or improve your application. In the first workshop of this series, we focus on personal statements. Both through introducing general best practices and by analyzing real prompts and sample statements, we will discuss how to build a sincere and compelling narrative around your personal and professional experiences to help you stand out as an exceptional candidate.

Intended audience: GSAS and professional school students in the humanities and social sciences.