Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Writing through Imposter Stress Workshop


Graduate & Professional Students

Event Time 

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:30pm

Event Description 

“They’re going to find out.” “I don’t belong here.” “I’m just faking it till I make it….” Imposter Stress is real, alive, and mean. It can also directly impact, and possibly even disrupt, your path to finishing your research project and working in a balanced way toward your professional and personal goals. This reflective and methods-based workshop gives you concrete planning, writing, and emotional management strategies for taming the Imposter Stress dragon and making it work for you: your writing growth, your interest in your field, and your personal well-being. Intended Audience: All PhD, Master’s Degree, and Professional School students are welcome! This event will also be helpful to postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty and is geared toward all disciplines.

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