Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Blackboard Ally

Yale’s Center for Teaching and Learning is piloting Blackboard Ally in Canvas @ Yale this fall 2017, bringing alternative accessible formats of content shared through Canvas into the hands of any student at Yale. These automatically generated alternative accessible formats include Semantic HTML, audio, ePub, and electronic braille.


image of linked file from Canvas with down arrow

To access this content, students and faculty will notice a small down arrow next to content linked from various tools in Canvas.  


Clicking on this down arrow will surface a pull down menu inviting participants to

Linked File image with down arrow expandeddownload the original file uploaded by the instructor, or to choose from one of several more accessible versions for download.


Accessible versions of content are generated on demand, and downloaded to your local computer.  

For more information on how to access this content, please visit our Canvas @ Yale help guide on alternative accessible formats.

Coming in spring 2018, our pilot will extend to include Instructor feedback about the accessibility of their course materials and guidance on how to fix identified accessibility issues.

For any questions about this pilot, please email canvas@yale.edu.