Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

ATW: Difficult Conversations in the Classroom (Politics)


Graduate & Professional Students, Postdoctoral Fellows

Event Time 

Monday, December 9, 2019 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
CTL 120C
301 York Street
New Haven , CT

Event Topic: 

ATW: Difficult Conversations in the Classroom (Politics)

Event Description 

The past several years have been a time of great political tension in the US. Our workshop will concentrate on the different ways in which politics finds its way into our classrooms, examining both the internal political conflicts of classroom climate along with what to do when external political beliefs find their way into the classroom space. We will help instructors think through the options available to them (containing or mitigating the conflict, addressing it in the classroom or after class), and the consequences of those choices for both classroom climate and the individual students involved. We will also help participants reflect on how they conceptualize their role in the classroom. Ultimately, we hope to brainstorm together concrete ways in which instructors can turn such situations into powerful teaching moments. For more information, please contact Becca Traber (rebecca.traber@yale.edu) or Alexandra Krawetz (alexandra.krawetz@yale.edu).