Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Appendix: Links and Web Resources

A number of links and resources for those teaching in Yale College.

Academic Media & Technology

Academic Regulations for Yale College

“Any form of academic dishonesty, whether it be cheating on a test or an examination, plagiarism, improper collaborating on assignments, or the submission of the same essay to two instructors without the explicit consent of both…”

“Although regular attendance is expected of all students, Yale College itself enforces no general regulation concerning classroom attendance. Instructors of individual courses, however, may require attendance of all students in their courses…”

Academic Requirements for Yale College Students

http://yalecollege.yale.edu/content/academic-requirements (under “Academics”)

“Students are required to take no fewer than two course credits in the humanities and arts, two course credits in the sciences, and two course credits in the social sciences…”

“To qualify for the bachelor’s degree, B.A. or B.S., a student must successfully complete thirty-six term courses in Yale College or their equivalent…”

Building Codes and Campus Locations

http://www.yale.edu/sis/building.codes.html (see also Student Information Systems)

Center for Language Study

Center for Language Study & Yale Teaching Center

Certificate in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) http://cls.yale.edu/certificate-second-language-acquisition

“The Certificate in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is a new program offered by the Center for Language Study (CLS) in collaboration with the McDougal Yale Teaching Center (YTC)…”


“Classes*v2 provides the Yale community with a powerful, integrated set of Web-based tools for teaching, learning, and sharing information…”

Foreign language tutoring

http://cls.yale.edu/foreign-language-tutoring (see also Center for Language Study)

Freshman Handbook



Freshman web site

http://yalecollege.yale.edu/content/class-2017 (under “New Students”)


Handbook for Instructors of Undergraduates in Yale College

http://catalog.yale.edu/handbook-instructors-undergraduates-yale-college/ (under “Faculty & Staff”)

“This handbook is intended to provide instructors of undergraduates in Yale College with a convenient guide to the rules and established procedures for instruction in Yale College…”


Information Technology Services

(under “Services” ► “Teaching and Learning”)

“The Center for Media and Instructional Innovation (CMI2) develops leading-edge media and courseware for teaching and learning, and oversees Yale’s online learning environment Classes*v2…”


Library subject guides

http://guides.library.yale.edu (under “Yale University Library” ► “Research guides by subject”)


Online Course Information (OCI)


  • Academic Calendars
  • Courses
  • Disabilities
  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Programs and Policies
  • Professional school bulletins
  • Residential college seminars
  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Syllabi
  • Yale BlueBook
  • Yale College Course Evaluations
  • Yale College Programs of Study


Problem-based Learning

  • Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT), University of Michigan http://www.crlt.umich.edu/tstrategies/tscbt, with links to
    • International Journal of Problem-Based Learning
    • Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse (University of Delaware)
    • Problem-Based Learning Network (Illinois Mathematics and Sciences), Problem-Based Learning (Stanford University, 2001)
  • CASES Online: Creating Active Student Engagement in the Sciences http://www.cse.emory.edu/cases. Emory University problem-based learning compendium of case studies:

“CASES Online is a collection of inquiry-based lessons to engage K-12 and undergraduate students in exploring the science behind real-world problems…”


Residential College Seminar Program

“The Residential College Seminar program, instituted in 1968, is devoted to the development of innovative courses that fall outside departmental structures…”


Science and Quantitative Reasoning Center

“The Yale College Science and Quantitative Reasoning Center, located in 20 SSS, oversees programs for the enrichment of education in the sciences and quantitative disciplines…”

“Any student enrolled in Yale College and experiencing academic difficulty is eligible for up to ten hours of tutoring per course each semester through the program…”


Sexual Misconduct Response at Yale University

“Yale University is committed to maintaining and strengthening an educational, working, and living environment founded on civility and mutual respect…”

“The integrity of the teacher-student relationship is the foundation of the University’s educational mission…”


Student Information Systems (SIS)

http://www.yale.edu/sis (under “Student and Faculty Administrative Services”)

  • Browser Support
  • Building Codes
  • Campus Map
  • FAQs
  • View Course Listings (OCI)


Tutoring for Yale College Students

See Center for Language Study, Science and Quantitative Reasoning Center, and Yale College Writing Center


Yale College Writing Center


“The Yale College Writing Center supports writers and writing teachers through the resources on this website, free tutoring at the Center and in the residential colleges, and through workshops about writing and teaching techniques…”


Yale Blue Book

https://ybb.yale.edu (see also Yale College Programs of Study)

  • About
  • Compare Courses
  • FAQ/Known Issues
  • Search Courses
  • Worksheet


Yale College


  • Academics
  • Admissions
  • Campus Life
  • Dean’s Office Directory
  • Faculty & Staff
  • For Parents
  • Giving to Yale
  • New Students
  • Student Services
  • Yale College Experience
  • Yale College Mission


Yale College Academic Calendars

http://yalecollege.yale.edu/content/academic-calendars (see also Online Course Information)


Yale College End-of-Term Report


Yale College Mid-Term Report


Yale College Programs of Study

http://catalog.yale.edu/ycps (see also Yale Blue Book)

“We officially call this Web site Yale College Programs of Study, but generations of students and faculty have known this publication simply as the Blue Book…”


Yale College Residential College Deans

(list of, with contact information) http://yalecollege.yale.edu/content/office?tid=49