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Sign-Up Tool Beta Release

We are happy to announce the Beta Release** of our newly developed Sign-Up tool in Canvas, based on the functionality provided by the Sign-Up tool in Classes*v2.  We are releasing this tool as a Beta so that we can allow users like yourself to test out the tool and provide us with your input to ensure that the final version of the Sign-Up tool is built to meet the needs of our community. 


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What is the new Sign-Up Tool?


The Canvas Sign-Up Tool is a tool for instructors to use to create groups of time slots that students can sign up for.


What is a Beta Release?


A Beta Release is a preliminary release of a product to the community in an attempt to get better testing and feedback from real users to help identify limitations & bugs and collect suggestions to make the tool better.  


Why was the new Sign-Up Tool developed?


The Canvas Sign-Up tool was developed to fill some functional gaps that exist between Canvas’ inherent Scheduler Tool and the Classes*v2 Sign-Up Tool.  Some of the new features included in the new Sign-Up tool include:

  • Ability for an instructor to create recurring events

  • Ability for an instructor to assign different “max number of users” to each time slot within a group

  • Ability for an instructor to manually assign a student to a time slot

How do I use the Sign-Up Tool?


You will find the Sign-Up tool in your left side global navigation bar.  For instructions on how to use the tool, please refer to our Sign-Up Tool help documentation.  If you have any questions on how to use the tool, please email us at canvas@yale.edu.


I have used the Sign-Up tool and have comments.  How do I submit suggestions for new features, report a bug and/or provide my feedback?


Please use our Sign-Up Tool Beta Feedback Form to submit bugs, feature suggestions, and feedback.  We will collect your input on this form up until September 30, 2017.


I have received an error message while using the Sign-Up tool.  What do I do now?


Email us at canvas@yale.edu if you experience any error messages.  Please include a detailed description of what you were doing leading up to the error message.


When will an updated version of the Sign-Up tool be released?


We expect to release the final version of the Sign-Up tool in late November, 2017.


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