Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Video and Media

The Media Library tool is designed to upload audio and video files and enables the users to record lectures, create video assignments, and organize content in folders for individual or departmental use.
CTL offers several services to help instructors record, edit and publish to the web lectures or portions thereof.
Desktop capture is used to record your computer’s screen and share the video with your class. Captures can be made anywhere and at any time; all you need is a computer.
Create a short web-based presentation on a specific topic or lesson.
Teaching and learning can easily extend to engaging, high-quality online environments through the use of modern digital communication and collaboration tools. Find out how to explore the digital synchronous communication tools that are supported at Yale.
A podcast (online audio recording) can help you communicate ideas, interviews and other content in an effective, readily accessible way. Podcasts are easy to record and can be downloaded to a mobile device such as smartphone or computer for convenient access any time.
Short audio or video clips can help illustrate a key point in a lecture, or support an argument in a presentation or media assignment. In some cases, particularly if the original media is in a less common format, such as VHS, audio tape, or laser-disc, professional assistance might be required.