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Spring 2023 Study Halls: Join us in Poorvu 120 A on Wednesdays, 7:00-10:00 pm, this semester for snacks and writing support!

Writing Study Halls offer a quiet, supportive space to write in the company of other hard-working writers. The goal is an environment where you can produce your best work. Writing Partners are available to answer questions and offer feedback, and snacks are provided to fuel your work. 

What to Expect

At the beginning of each study hall you'll be given a brief handout on which to set a goal for the three-hour session. You'll work at a table with room for your notes and your laptop (and access to a power supply). Snacks will be available at the front of the room to take as you please.

The Writing Partners running the study hall will answer questions and give feedback on request. Because the goal of study halls is for you to get work done, Writing Partners won't look at your whole paper like they do in drop-in consultations. They will respond to your ideas, help you talk through short sections, or answer questions you have about writing, allowing you to get back to being productive and feeling confident about the quality of your work. Questions you might ask the Writing Partners include:

“Do my ideas here make sense?”

"Am I citing this source correctly?"

“I’m stuck. Can you help?”

Come prepared to let the presence of other hard working writers sharpen your focus on your own work, and to seek feedback if you hit a snag.


Writing Study Halls are open to all undergraduates in Yale College. 


Past Events in this Series

Title Event Topic Time
Writing Personal Statements for Graduate School Thursday, September 24, 2020 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm