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Even the best-prepared students struggle with the new, high-intensity demands of academic life at Yale. Few students have experienced challenges like 500+ pages of dense reading per week, learning alongside 300 other students in a lecture class, or speaking up in a seminar led by one of the foremost scholars in the field. All Yale students—even those who seem to be most successful academically—have stories to tell about moments when they struggled.

Those who make it through Yale with a strong sense of satisfaction in their education tend to have two things in common:

1) they adapted new ways of thinking about and approaching their academic work as their learning circumstances changed; and

2) they regularly sought help and advice from a wide variety of sources—including, for example, their residential college deans, faculty, teaching fellows, tutors, and peers. 

The Academic Strategies Program (ASP) helps students learn how to do both of these things. By learning these skills, students are empowered to take ownership over their academic choices, and ultimately, and to get the most out of their academic experiences, no matter where they are in their educational journey and what they want to get out of it.