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For First-Years: Workshops, videos & events

Essentials for First-Years Workshop Series

This six-week workshop series introduces you to the Academic Strategies Workshops that can be most helpful for students transitioning into Yale: Pathways for First-Years, Supercharging Your Seminars & Lectures, Time Management, Getting the Most Out of Your Reading, Exam Study Strategies, and Cultivating Faculty Mentors. Sign up via YaleConnect: Essentials for First-Years - Friday Edition.

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Our weekly newsletter highlights events, resources, and workshops to help you create a satisfying Yale education with less stress. We link you to programming across our student support services, including the Center for International and Professional Experience (CIPE), Yale Libraries, Undergraduate Science & QR, and the FGLI Community Initiative. To receive our newsletter, sign up as a member of our YaleConnect campus group: ASP Newsletter/Campus Group sign-up.

Videos: Key Advice on transitioning into college from our ASP Peer Mentors

Below are links to videos made by our Academic Strategies peer mentors (best viewed in Google Chrome). These videos offer important information and advice that can make your academic transition to Yale much easier. The link to each video is followed by a list of Academic Strategies workshops related to the topic. You can register for our workshops through our YaleConnect page.

Own Your Education: Create the mindsets that will lead you to be happy and satisfied with your Yale education. Related workshops: Pathways for First Years.

Set Your Priorities: Curate your academic, extracurricular, professional, and personal interests. Related workshops: Pathways for First Years, Time Management.

Get Organized: Learn how to purposefully prepare for the semester. Related workshops: Time Management, Supercharge Your Seminars & Lectures.

Build Your Team: Create a network within the Yale community to help you discover and achieve your goals. Related workshops: Cultivating Faculty Mentors, Supercharge Your Seminars & Lectures.

Find Your Communities: Find friends and mentors for the social and emotional support you need to thrive at Yale. Related workshops: Pathways for First-Years.

Using the Syllabus: The syllabus is the key to understanding each course; learn how to make the most of it. Related Workshops: Supercharge Your Seminars & Lectures, Get the Most Out of Your Readings, Exam Study Strategies.

Office Hours: Learn why attending office hours can be central to your academic success: Related workshops: Supercharge Your Seminars & Lectures, Cultivating Faculty Mentors.

STEM Problem Sets: Learn how college p-sets are different than high school homework and best practices for getting them done successfully. Related workshops: Supercharge Your Seminars & Lectures; Strategies for Intro Math; Exam Study Strategies, Reading Effectively for STEM.

Essays: Discover key approaches to writing successful college-level essays. Related workshops: Strategies for Reading Literature, Reading Analytically for Social Science, Supercharge Your Seminars & Lectures.

Best Practices for Midterms and Finals: Preview strategies for succeeding on exams. Related workshops: Exam Study Strategies, Superchage Your Seminars & Lectures.

College transition for students with learning differences and/or disabilities: Meet our Academic Strategies Learning Specialist, Sarah Cussler (sarah.cussler@yale.edu) and learn about the resources available to students as they adjust their learning strategies for college-level work.