Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Goals and Commitments

To help foster a writing community for graduate and professional school students, we are continuously seeking out connections with various learning communities at Yale, and are committed to the following goals:

(1)   develop and maintain collaborative working relationships with graduate and professional school programs;

(2)   keep up with trends and shifts in expectations for academic writing genres, including prospectus writing, statements of purpose, dissertations, grant applications, and professional presentations;

(3)   provide programs for all levels and types of research, writing, and communication, including individual consultations, writing-based peer review groups, goal-oriented and supportive writing groups, and skills-based workshops;

(4)   hire, train, and mentor GWL staff to bring cutting-edge knowledge, tools, and opportunity for practicing learned skills so that graduate student participants have relevant takeaways and are able to progress their projects with actionable and goal-oriented next steps;

(5)   ensure that the Staff we hire are knowledgeable about the specific and unique demands of graduate study at an institution like Yale and can bring expertise and empathy to the table.