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English Department & Writing Events

Most creative writing courses at Yale are offered by the English Department. Although it focuses on non-fiction, English 120 offers an excellent introduction, because it highlights two fundamental practices of creative writing courses: close reading for craft and critiquing writing in a workshop setting. For descriptions of intermediate and advanced writing courses in the department, see Creative Writing at Yale. Students in the Writing Concentration have the chance to prepare a creative senior project as part of the English Major.

In addition to English Department courses, there are often some creative writing courses offered through the College Seminar Program.

Beyond courses, there are many non-credit opportunities for creative writers at Yale. Some Residential Colleges have visiting writers who will meet with students. Many students also form writing groups to give each other support and feedback. One of the most tangible ways to explore creative writing is to write for a campus publication. Many publications that focus on non-fiction reporting are listed on the Yale Journalism Initiative Website. See below for publications that feature fiction, poetry, or creative non-fiction (long-form journalism that uses some of the techniques of creative writing). Students might also browse the current list of registered student organizations, many of which promote creative writing.

Finally, creative writers can arrange to meet with a tutor through the Yale College Writing Center. Visit the tutoring section of this Web site for more information.

Student publications with a creative component

If you belong to a student publication at Yale not listed above that features creative writing, please contact the Writing Center.