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Interested in teaching outstanding high school students?
Passionate about fostering learning and cross-cultural exchange?Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) might be the right place for you this summer!
What is YYGS?
YYGS is a highly selective academic leadership program designed to provide talented high school juniors and seniors from over 120 countries around the world with interdisciplinary insight, global awareness, and critical skills for becoming the next generation of leaders. In 2018, YYGS will offer six summer sessions on Yale’s campus in New Haven, as well as a summer session at Yale Center Beijing in China. Every year, YYGS hires 100+ undergraduate and graduate students to teach, mentor, and supervise participants both in and out of the classroom.
What’s in it for instructional staff?
YYGS is looking for instructional staff who are interested in teaching, mentoring, and inspiring high school students from diverse backgrounds, and are willing to work collaboratively to create a successful and memorable program. Both programs provide a unique opportunity for instructional staff to develop their own curriculum, gain valuable classroom experience with diverse students from around the world, and mentor students in a variety of different contexts. As a part of this program, instructional staff not only gain valuable experience in teaching, but they also develop strong transferable skills in teamwork, organization, and management.
Interested in learning more and applying?
To learn more about YYGS, please visit globalscholars.yale.edu/employment, or contact us at join.yygs@yale.edu.