Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Scrivener Software for Managing Your Research & Writing


Graduate & Professional Students, Postdoctoral Fellows

Event Time 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Location Name and Address 

CTL 121
301 York Street
New Haven , CT

Event Topic: 

Introduction to Scrivener Software for Managing Your Research and Writing

Event Description 

Do you struggle to organize research summaries and notes from different projects and compile them as a research paper or a dissertation draft? Come to this Scrivener workshop! During this basic review of Scrivener’s features, we will cover the different modes and views that will help you write and organize: creating your binder and sub-folders; working with a piece of writing in editor mode; sorting and moving around folders via corkboard mode; reverse-engineering your large project through outliner mode; combining different chunks of text in single-document mode. We will also cover some of the new features of Scrivener 3, which includes a way of tracking your writing goals and writing statistics! The best part is, once you buy this software, you get to keep it for life—no need to email yourself all of your documents when your institutional subscriptions run out after graduation! Lunch will be provided!

Intended Audience: all graduate and professional academic and creative writers are welcome!

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