Yale Center for Teaching and Learning


As part of the Office of the Provost, the Poorvu Center works with faculty to enable equitable and engaged teaching. The Center values research-based decisions and offers programs, funding, consultations, observations, support, and digital resources designed for faculty at Yale.

What the Poorvu Center offers to Faculty:

  • Programs to discuss scholarship-based pedagogy and implementation strategies
  • Funding opportunities to enhance teaching exercises and innovative technology strategies in the classroom
  • Consultations and observations related to any aspect of teaching and course design, including teaching online
  • Support services to learn how to incorporate different tools and strategies into a course
  • Expert advice regarding Canvas @ Yale, the official Learning Management System (LMS) for the University
  • Resource articles about various teaching methods and strategies
  • Digital publications to highlight a community of scholars at Yale
  • Learning environments across campus supported by technical experts
  • Conversations and strategies for inclusive and equitable teaching at Yale
The Poorvu Center offers multiple opportunities to join colleagues to discuss teaching and learning and to implement evidence-based strategies.
The Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning routinely supports members of the Yale community with individual instructional consultations and classroom observations.
Explore articles related to pedagogical strategies used by faculty to create more engaging, inclusive, and impactful classrooms. Topics include course planning, managing the classroom, instructional tools, feedback on learning, feedback on teaching, education research, and more. Read digital publications that highlight faculty from Yale and their work in the classroom.
Instructors have a variety of options for creating an online presence for their courses using Canvas @ Yale.