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Welcome to the Academic Strategies Program!


We help students learn how to navigate the “hidden curriculum” of Yale–that invisible set of underlying assumptions and expectations about how to do well as a student that are implicitly embedded in Yale’s culture and are not taught in the classroom. 

By becoming aware of these implicit cultural-academic norms, students become empowered to take a new and more active kind of ownership over their own academic choices, and ultimately, to get the most out of their academic experience, no matter who they are or where they are in their educational journey. 

We give students the tools to do this through 1-1 mentoring sessions, group mentoring sessions, and interactive workshops with our amazing team of peer mentors.

Want to make an appointment? Email us anytime at academicstrategies@yale.edu!

We work with all students. See our menu to the left for links to our different kinds of support.

Highlights for April 2021

Spring 2021 Course Registration Materials and  Events!

Suggested Timeline for Spring Course Registration

Bluebooking with ASP Mentors

Workshops: Register Using the Link Provided

Week 10 (Apr.  4-10)        
4/5/2021 Monday 4:00 PM Exam Study Strategies http://cglink.me/r905817
4/5/2021 Monday 7:00 PM Cultivating Faculty Mentors/Recommendations http://cglink.me/r905397
4/6/2021 Tuesday 7:00 PM Time Management http://cglink.me/r905380
4/7/2021 Wednesday 4:00 PM Public Speaking Online http://cglink.me/r906493
4/7/2021 Wednesday 7:00 PM Managing a Heavy Reading Load http://cglink.me/r905434
4/8/2021 Thursday N/A BREAK DAY  
Week 11 (Apr. 11-17)        
4/12/2021 Monday 4:00 PM Pathways for Juniors (for sophomores) http://cglink.me/r905867
4/12/2021 Monday 7:00 PM Pathways for Sophomores (for first-years) http://cglink.me/r906499
4/13/2021 Tuesday 4:00 PM Creating a Timeline for senior thesis (for juniors) http://cglink.me/r906981
4/13/2021 Tuesday 7:00 PM Time Management http://cglink.me/r905381
4/14/2021 Wednesday 7:00 PM Procrastination: How to Work Through It http://cglink.me/r905883
4/14/2021 Wednesday 4:00 PM Cultivating Faculty Mentors/Recommendations http://cglink.me/r905398
4/15/2021 Thursday 7:00 PM Pathways for Seniors (for juniors) http://cglink.me/r907092
4/18/21 Sunday 11:00 AM Bluebooking with ASP Mentors http://cglink.me/2dA/r1080307
Week 12 (Apr. 18-24)        
4/19/2021 Monday 4:00 PM Cultivating Faculty Mentors/Recommendations http://cglink.me/r905399
4/20/2021 Tuesday 7:00 PM Exam Study Strategies http://cglink.me/r905818
4/21/2021 Wednesday 9:00 PM Procrastination: How to Work Through It http://cglink.me/r905884
4/23/2020 Thursday N/A BREAK DAY  
Week 13 (Apr. 25-May 1)        
4/27/2021 Tuesday 4:00 PM Exam Study Strategies http://cglink.me/r905819
4/28/2021 Wednesday 7:00 PM Public Speaking Online http://cglink.me/r906494
4/29/2021 Thursday 4:00 PM Academic and Professional Communication http://cglink.me/r905992


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