Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

About Faculty Development and Support

The Poorvu Center promotes equitable and engaged teaching across the campus. The Center provides training, consultations, and resources designed to make teaching and learning more public and collaborative, so that every Yale instructor experiences the satisfaction that results from teaching well. Our staff fosters continuous pedagogical development through attention to research, inclusive teaching practices, and comprehension of the challenges and hopes of faculty on campus or online. We strive to empower teaching goals. We help faculty determine how they can best include innovative technology in the classroom to meet their goals and we rely on an advisory committee to help us evaluate programs, demonstrate impact, and define a strategy for new initiatives. Our staff teams have areas of expertise in faculty development, education technology, assessment, digital education, audio/visual recording, and student learning. 

Faculty development has disciplinary grounding in the fields of cognitive, educational, and developmental psychology, curriculum and instructional theory, diversity and inclusion, and assessment and evaluation. Team members are scholars in their own disciplines as well as leaders in faculty and educational development.
Educational technology enables faculty to create impactful learning experiences that support their learning goals. EdTech allows faculty and students to connect in digital spaces, share course materials, accomplish assignments, and understand a course's organizational structure. Poorvu Center Educational Technology team members are experts and leaders in educational technology and instructional design.