Yale Center for Teaching and Learning


The Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning believes all instructors should experience the satisfaction that results from teaching well and all learners should develop the critical reflection that marks deep learning. The Poorvu Center welcomes postdoctoral fellows and associates to its many programs and services. Though some of these programs and services were originally designed for faculty or Ph.D. candidates, the Poorvu Center has increased access for postdocs.

In addition to programs like the Diversity and Education Series, Advanced Teaching Workshop Series, and Spring Teaching Forum, the Poorvu Center played a critical role in several national STEM education initiatives that worked with postdocs at Yale to increase student persistence in science, technology, engineering, and math fields by employing evidence-based teaching strategies in introductory courses.

The Poorvu Center has also partnered with the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs and the Yale Postdoctoral Association to offer tailored resources and consultations to postdocs in various departments and across multiple disciplines. With more than 2,000 postdocs at Yale, the Poorvu Center wants to create an inclusive environment for teaching and learning.

Postdocs are encouraged to review the links below for resources applicable to their work at Yale and to inquire about any teaching or learning resources that might improve their experience on-campus. The below pages highlight several popular resources for postdocs:

Teaching Workshops

Teaching Consultations and Classroom Observations

Teaching Programs

Diversity and Education Series

Spring Teaching Forum

Written and Oral Communication Workshops and Panels

Writing Resources and Tutorials