Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Our Staff

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Director of Communications
+1 (203) 432-3229
Director, Faculty Teaching Initiatives
Area: Teaching, Faculty Teaching Initiatives
Kailasnath Purushothaman
Director of Residential College Science/Math Tutoring
Area: Tutoring, Quantitative Reasoning and Science
Gina Marie Hurley
Associate Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Teaching Development
Area: Graduate and Postdoctoral Development
Senior Administrative Assistant
+1 (203) 432-4765
Area: Administration
Alfie Guy
Director of Undergraduate Writing and Tutoring
Area: Tutoring, Writing, Undergraduate Writing
Pilar Abuin
Senior Director, Educational Technology
Area: Technology, Educational Technology
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Program Coordinator
Area: Administration
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Woodbridge Fellow YCDO and CTL
Area: Tutoring
Clare Ankawi
Assistant Director Educational Technology
Area: Educational Technology
Ronice Awudu
Business Operations and Administration Supervisor
Area: Administration
Meghan Bathgate
Director of Educational Program Assessment
Area: Teaching, Evaluation