Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Humanities & Social Sciences

If you are having difficulty in a humanities or social science course, you may be eligible to request a private tutor, someone to work with you every week to discuss the readings, lectures, and homework assignments.

Note: Students who need tutoring for an Economics course should contact the Science & Quantitative Reasoning Tutoring Program.

  • To be eligible for a tutor, you must be earning or likely to earn a grade of “C” or below in the course.
  • Students may be awarded 10 hours of tutoring for the term.
  • Tutors are typically undergraduates (sometimes graduate students) who major in the same department or discipline as the course.
  • Tutors must normally be requested within the first seven weeks of the term (by midterm).

If you think you meet these criteria, download the tutoring request form listed below. Note that you will need a signature from your professor or teaching fellow to confirm that you are in academic difficulty.