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Canvas helps instructors oragnize their course online, enabling them to create digital learning environments for their students. Yale faculty who upload their syllabus to Canvas benefit from a connection to the Course Search website, which pulls the link to the syllabus from Canvas. Additionally, Canvas allows instructors to upload assignments, create quizzes, grade completed work, place readings on Course eReserves, and much more.

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Come learn more about Canvas @ Yale during one of our workshops.
Our annual lightning talks focus on how faculty have implemented different features within Canvas to support their teaching at Yale.
CoursePress is a digital publishing platform using WordPress available to the Yale community with the goal of facilitating teaching and learning throughout the University.
The CTL works with the campus community to initiate change and explore new technologies that improve the teaching and learning landscape at Yale. Multiple groups on-campus work to identify, test, and implement these technology solutions.
The Media Library tool is designed to upload audio and video files and enables the users to record lectures, create video assignments, and organize content in folders for individual or departmental use.
Turnitin compares a student paper against a wide range of sources, and generates a report highlighting passages in the submitted paper that have phrasing similar to published material.
"Mid-Semester Feedback" is a digital survey designed to elicit constructive feedback from students. Four optional questions created by the Yale College Teaching and Advising (TLA) Committee are provided by default. Instructors have the ability to customize questions for each course.