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Canvas helps instructors organize and present their course content online, enabling them to create digital learning environments for their students in support of in person, residential remote and blended course offerings. Canvas is primarily used for official courses offered through the University Registrar’s Office, generating between 2300-2500 courses each term. Canvas provides tools to share a syllabus or expanded course description through the Yale Course Search website, as well as to upload assignments, create quizzes, grade completed work, place readings on Course eReserves, and much more.

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External Apps add functionality to a Canvas course beyond the native applications of the learning management system.
The CTL works with the campus community to initiate change and explore new technologies that improve the teaching and learning landscape at Yale. Multiple groups on-campus work to identify, test, and implement these technology solutions.
The Canvas @ Yale Lightning Talks provide an opportunity for educators and support staff to share how they use and support Canvas over the academic year. Lightning Talks are 7-10 minute presentations on topics ranging from peer reviews, lecture capture (Media Library), media assignments, modules, and using and evaluating LTI tools integrated into Canvas.