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Current Peer-Review Groups

NSF GRFP Application Peer Review Groups Fall 2019

Are you applying for a Graduate Research Fellowship from the NSF and looking for a collaborative atmosphere for gaining feedback on your application? Join our peer-review working groups, facilitated by GWL Writing Consultants and successful NSF Fellowship Recipient! We will meet weekly in a small group setting to provide each other with constructive criticism and tips for improving your application essays. Group members will be expected to provide feedback for their peers in addition to receiving guidance on their own work. Working in a friendly, welcoming environment, we will meet our general goals of improving the quality of your NSF application and enhancing the overall clarity and effectiveness of your writing style.

The groups will meet starting the week of Sep 9th through Oct 14th. The meeting day, time, and location will be determined after the first meeting based on participants’ needs. Each meeting is 75-90 min.

Register through this link or contact Lauren Gonzalez at lauren.e.gonzalez@yale.edu with any questions.

Dissertation Writing Peer-Review Groups

The goal of these small writing groups is to provide a forum for students to receive feedback as they work on a chapter of their dissertation with the guidance and motivation of their peers. During weekly meetings, facilitated by McDougal/Poorvu Writing Fellows, the participants take turns presenting parts of their chapters, from outlines to revised prose. They comment and give suggestions on each other’s work, and they discuss obstacles and potential pitfalls in the writing process. 

The groups will start on the week of September 16th. The meeting day, time, and location will be determined based on participants’ needs.

Register through this link or contact Daniel Eastman with any questions.