Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

2016-2017 Associates in Teaching

June 16, 2016

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences with support from the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning, is pleased to announce that ten courses will be taught during the 2016-2017 academic year as part of the Associates in Teaching Program (AT) program.

The AT program supports Yale College courses team-taught by GSAS doctoral students and faculty members. Initiated in 2009, this program requires that doctoral students conceptualize or redesign, plan, and deliver an undergraduate course with mentorship, and in partnership, with a Yale faculty member. Evidence from previous years indicates that this program not only provides expanded teaching opportunities for graduate students, and facilitates team teaching, it also creates a pedagogically exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to learn from graduate students who bring unique knowledge and skills into the classroom.

Nineteen applications were considered and eleven were selected. One course was withdrawn after selection. The Selection Committee was comprised of three faculty members who have previously taught AT courses and who represent the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences Divisions, as well as Graduate School and CTL representatives.

The GSAS and CTL are proud to announce the 2016-2017 Associates in Teaching courses:

Instructors Department Course Name

Professor Narges Erami and Samar Al-Bulushi


Human Rights & Social Justice

Professor Erik Harms and Elliott Prasse-Freeman


The Anthropology of Human Rights

Professor Jessica Brantley and Ann Killian


Medieval Women’s Writing

Professor Stephanie Newell and Denise Lim

English, Sociology, African Studies

The Sociological Imagination in African Literatures

Professor Edward Cooke and Sequoia Miller

History of Art

Craft, Design, and Art: Domestic Architecture and Decorative Arts Since 1900

Professor Brigitte Peucker and Kirsty Dootson

History of Art, Film and Media Studies

Painting and Cinema

Professor Michael Della Rocca and Julia Borcherding


Reconsidering Early Modern Rationalism

Professor Katerina Clark and Masha Shpolberg

Program in Film & Media Studies

War on Film

Professor Frederick Wherry and Andrew Cohen


Advertising & Society

Professor Leslie Harkema and Diego del Río Arrillaga

Spanish and Portuguese

Introduction to the Cultures of Spain



The Politics of Migration, Professor Margaret Peters and Elizabeth Iams Wellman, Political Science