Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

2018-2019 Associates in Teaching

Yal'e Poorvu Center works with the GSAS for the Associates in Teaching Program. An image of the GSAS tower with West Rock.
January 1, 2019

The Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce the 2018-2019 recipients of the Associates in Teaching award.

The AT program supports GSAS doctoral students as they team-teach Yale College courses with faculty members. Initiated in 2009, this program allows students to conceptualize or redesign, plan, and deliver an undergraduate course in partnership with a Yale faculty member. Evidence from previous years indicates that the program provides expanded teaching opportunities for graduate students, facilitates team teaching between disciplines, and creates pedagogically exciting opportunities for undergraduate student learning and development of new curriculum.

The Selection Committee was comprised of three faculty members who have previously taught AT courses and who represent the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences Divisions, as well as Graduate School and Poorvu Center representatives.


Instructors Department(s) Course Title

Roger Baumann and Professor Jonathan Wyrtzen


Religion and Nationalism in America

Marco Ladd and Professor Gundula Kreuzer


Listening to the Screen: Introduction to Film Music

Keri Lambert and Professor Robert Harms

History / African-American Studies

Commodities of Colonialism in Africa

Myles Lennon and Professor Professor Douglas Rogers

Forestry and Environmental Sciences / Anthropology

Energy and Power

Andrew Muehleisen and Professor Liza Comita

Forestry and Environmental Sciences

Pests, Parasites, and Pathogens: An Ecological Perspective

Juan Piñeros and Professor David Charles


Philosophy and Psychology of Emotions

Professor Michael Veal and John Klaess Music

Hip-Hop and Dub: Musical Technologies of the Black Atlantic

Alexandra Reider and Professor Emily Thornbury


The Earliest English Literature

Nicholas Robbins and Professor Martina Droth

History of Art

Sculpture, Photography, and Modernism

Yasmmyn Salinas and Professor Andrew DeWan

Public Health

Genetic Concepts in Public Health

Wiliam Watson and Professor Anna Zayaruznaya


From Concept to Concert: Sources, Editions, and the Performance of Music

Chris Hebdon and Professor Paul Kockelman


Thermodynamic Anthropology