Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

2019-2020 Associates in Teaching

Yal'e Poorvu Center works with the GSAS for the Associates in Teaching Program. An image of the GSAS tower with West Rock.
January 1, 2019

The Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce the 2019-2020 recipients of the Associates in Teaching award.

The AT program supports GSAS doctoral students as they team-teach Yale College courses with faculty members. Initiated in 2009, this program allows students to conceptualize or redesign, plan, and deliver an undergraduate course in partnership with a Yale faculty member. Evidence from previous years indicates that the program provides expanded teaching opportunities for graduate students, facilitates team teaching between disciplines, and creates pedagogically exciting opportunities for undergraduate student learning and development of new curriculum.

Instructors Department(s) Course Title

Carolyn Jacobs and Professor Francesco Casetti

Film Studies

"Scared to Death: Fear of and in Media"

Catherine Slowik and Professor Brian Kane


"Audile Techniques"-MUSI 184

Kendall Arslanian and Professor Claudia Valeggia


"Obesity: Evolution, Biology, and Society"

Kevin Feeney and Professor Noel Lenski


"Global Leadership: Lessons from the Ancient Past"-HIST 204

Mark Santolucito and Professor Scott Petersen

Computer Science

"Creative Embedded Devices" -CPSC 334

Nica Siegel and Professor Paul North

Germanic Languages and Literatures

"The Death Sentence: When the State Kills"

Niek Janssen and Professor Kirk Freudenberg Classics

"Laughing Matters: Humor and Free Speech in Ancient Greece and Rome" -CLCV 211

Sarah Weston and Professor John Rogers


"Blake and Milton"

Trina Hyun and Professor Lawrence Manley


"The Drama of Justice and Mercy" -ENGL 210

William Watson and Professor Anna Zayaruznaya


"From Concept to Concert: Sources, Editions, and the Performance of Music" -MUSI 110