Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Writing Tutoring and Programs

Online Tutoring Update: Starting Sunday, March 22, all of our writing tutor programs will be running again, in online versions. Our tutors remain eager to work with you at any point in the writing process to discuss any piece of writing you’re working on—including writing that isn’t for a class.

The Residential College Writing Tutors will work via email and Zoom. Sign up the way you always have, and a confirmation email will explain how to access your Tutor at the time of your appointment.

The Writing Partners’ availability remains similar to their on-campus schedule:
     Sun-Thu: 2:30-4:45pm & 7:00-10:00pm
     Fri: 10:00am-12:15pm & 2:30-4:45pm
     Sat: 2:30-4:45pm
Instead of a drop-in service, Writing Partners will be available by appointment. When you schedule an appointment, a confirmation email will explain how to work with your tutor remotely.

Turnitin Tutoring will work via Zoom. The sign up process remains the same, and a confirmation email will explain how to upload your paper to Turnitin and where to meet your tutor at the time of your session.

We hope these programs can help maintain some of the academic structure of campus life as you attend classes and complete coursework from home. 

Schedule an appointment online. Discuss your writing with an experienced, professional tutor in your college.
A quiet space to write in the company of other writers, with Writing Partners on hand to answer questions and snacks to fuel your work.