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Online Consultations

Can’t make it to an Individual Writing Consultation in person?

The Graduate Writing Lab also offers online, video consultations to accommodate your needs. 

Video chat. Online consultation.

Online consultations are like face-to-face consultations but over your computer! To schedule an online appointment with a Writing Consultant, simply select “Yes - Meet Online” in the Writing Consultations schedule form for your desired appointment time. Your Writing Consultant will be notified of your preference and will arrange with you ahead of your meeting to choose a video platform for your appointment. Our Writing Consultants use a variety of chat platforms, including Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and the WCOnline video chat available through the scheduling system.

If you prefer to meet by Zoom, the writing consultant will send you the link to your upcoming session. You can attend the session by clicking on the link and downloading Zoom application. Make sure that you setup your video and audio connections before your session. For more information about Zoom, check the Yale Library guide.

For Skype and Google Hangout sessions, our writing consultants will meet with you using the grad.writing account.

Finally, you can meet with writing consultants using the chat platform built-in through the WCOnline scheduling system. This chat feature can be accessed in your appointment form in the Writing Consultations schedule by clicking on the red “Start or Join Online Consultation” button. To learn more about this feature, check the GWL guide available to download here

To prepare for the session:

  • send your draft in advance if you want the consultant to pre-read it
  • respond to the consultant’s email about the video conference platform and follow the consultants’ instructions
  • make sure that you choose a location with a sustainable and strong internet signal to avoid unproductive interruptions
  • plan to setup your computer a few minutes before he session starts and test your video and audio connection
  • stay in touch with the writing consultant