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Student Publications

Yale has a wealth of student publications, ranging from a daily newspaper to special-interest periodicals about international affairs, music, food, and more. Alumni of Yale student publications have founded, edited, and written for many of the United States’s leading newspapers and magazines. By working on Yale publications, students can gain valuable experience as writers, editors, graphic designers, and business managers. In addition to training students for a variety of careers, working on a Yale student publication can fulfill one of the requirements for being a Yale Journalism Scholar.

The following list includes student-run publications that are currently publishing original journalism, research, and art. It is followed by a list of once-thriving student publications that have gone out of print—periodicals that ambitious students may be interested in reviving. You might also be interested in this virtual bookshelf, created by Jarron Long ‘23, that collects extant and former publications together.

Currently Publishing

No Longer Publishing

If you belong to a student publication at Yale that is not listed above, please contact the Writing Center.