Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Canvas Lightning Talks

The Canvas Lightning Talks provide an opportunity for educators and support staff to share how they use and support Canvas over the academic year. Lightning Talks are 7-10 minute presentations on topics ranging from peer reviews, lecture capture (Media Library), media assignments, modules, and using and evaluating LTI tools integrated into Canvas.

Strategies for Inclusivity and Engagement was the theme for the 2019 Lightning Talks. This years talks range from using Gradescope, Ally for Accessibility, and Namecoach. External applications pilots were also discussed to familiarize the Yale community with what to expect for the upcoming year.
The 2018 Lightning Talks highlighted Canvas' native tools and how instructors leverage these tools within their courses. Covering topics on Quizzes, Modules, Assignments, and utilizing the Home Page in Canvas, novel ideas were given on how to optimize the use of Canvas.
The first annual Lightning Talks provided an opportunity for educators and staff to share how they used and supported Canvas over the academic year. Topics included Panopto for lecture capture, using LTI tools integrated into Canvas, the novel use of Peer Reviews, and more.