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Graduate Turnitin Consultations

Turnitin ‘Similarity Report’ Consultations

Turnitin is a tool to help academic scholars develop and evaluate written scholarship. It estimates the originality of written work so writers can properly reference source material. The tool generates a “similarity report” by comparing an uploaded paper to a database of web pages, articles, books, and other uploaded files.

If you are enrolled in a course where the instructor is using Turnitin review for a specific assignment, the easiest way to view your ‘similarity report’ is through the Grades page in Canvas. For a step by step description of the process, including video illustration, see the Help Guide.  

If your instructor is not using Turnitin, or if you cannot view your ‘similarity report’ until after the paper is graded, you may request a Turnitin review of your paper through the Poorvu Center. 

How Can I schedule Graduate Turnitin Consultations?

If you have a ‘similarity report’ and would like to discuss it with a consultant or if based on your ‘similarity report’ you would like to address the effective citation practices, please schedule a Graduate Turnitin Consultation. Graduate Turnitin consultations take place through the Individual Consultation Program at the Graduate Writing Lab. Schedule a regular Individual Consultation and let us know in the appointment form that you would like to discuss your ‘similarity report’.