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PitchVantage Studio for Public Speaking

GWL PitchVantage Studio for Public Speaking Practicing

Preparing to share your research with your conference colleagues or a broader audience? Need to identify your verbal fillers, see if you fidget with your hands, or if you lack tonal variety in your public speaking? Want to think, talk, and present with the clarity and confidence of a polished public speaker? The PitchVantage Studio offers an innovative software program for you to reserve and use at a time convenient for your schedule!

Why should I use PitchVantage?

PitchVantage is a program designed to help improve public speaking skills in a variety of different sectors of life. Easily navigating the space between boardroom and lecture hall, this program focuses on different aspects of public presentation, from pacing to pitch, and evaluates performance in real time. 

See this presentation and a 30-second demo

How Can I Schedule a session for PitchVantage?

To schedule a session, go to the Consultation schedule, register for a free account, and set up an appointment. The scheduling process is similar to scheduling a writing consutlation and the same rules apply to the PitchVantage schedule (see the instructions here).

If you have any problems accessing the software, contact Stacey Bonet, who can take you through the steps of using the software. 

What are the office hours?

During the Fall Semester (September 9th - December 18th), the PitchVantage is accessible Monday through Thursday, from 9am-12pm and 5-7pm, and on Fridays from 9am until 1pm. 

Where is PitchVantage studio located?

The studio is located on the mezzanine floor of the CTL in room M104C (the second tutoring room)

How does PitchVantage work?

Book your session using the Online PitchVantage Schedule. To turn on the big screen, use the remote control and choose Power, then choose Input and select HDMI 2. NOTE: You might need to wake up the computer before you press Power.

1. Login to the computer with your Yale NetID and password.

2. Select PitchVantage and launch the program.

3. We have preset the program for your use, so you can ignore most of its settings.

4. Add the settings for your presentation by choosing a large room or a boardroom and technical or general audience, as well as setting the time for your practice.

5. Start your presentation looking at the animated audience. You can have your laptop handy if you work with slides, or you can upload your slides to your PitchVantage account (we do not recommend this option if you use PItchVantage first time).

6. When you finish your presentation, you can replay it and count the verbal detractors.

7. PitchVantage assigns the scoring for you, but do not get discouraged – you can practice again and again.

8. Take advantage of the numerous video-tutorials on various aspects of public speaking accessible through PitchVantage menu.

9. When you finish your session, do not forget to log out of your account.