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PitchVantage Studio for Public Speaking


PitchVantage is designed to improve public speaking skills by providing real-time feedback on a practice speech. Use it to work on conference papers, job talks, interviews, elevator pitches, lectures, or other presentations. PitchVantage also offers tutorials on delivery, design, and responding to your audience.

Check out this overview of the feedback you’ll receive from PitchVantage, or watch this 30-second demo.

Scheduling a Session

To schedule a 30- or 60-minute session in the GWL’s PitchVantage studio, visit our online scheduler, select the PitchVantage schedule, and reserve an appointment. Appointments are available:

  • Monday through Thursday, 9am–3pm and 5pm–7pm
  • Fridays, 9am–3pm

The studio is located in SML M104C, on the mezzanine level of the Poorvu Center—take the stairs near the York St. entrance to Sterling Library.

Detailed instructions for how to use PitchVantage are available in the studio. If you have any problems making an appointment or operating the software, email us at grad.writing@yale.edu

What to Expect

Once you’ve logged into PitchVantage you’ll be prompted to input your presentation length; add any slides (.ppt, .pptx, or .pdf only); and select the type of room, type of presentation, and type of audience. You’ll also have the option of viewing tutorials on public speaking before you begin practicing your presentation.

When giving your presentation, a virtual audience will appear on the studio’s large-screen monitor and respond to you in real time. Try to present clearly and engage them as you would a real audience. If you plan to use a lectern during your presentation, there’s one available in the studio.

After you’ve finished presenting, PitchVantage will provide feedback on nine aspects of your delivery, including pace, volume variability, pitch variability, pauses, eye contact, and use of verbal distractors like “um” and “ah.” Your rating in each category will be linked to feedback on how to improve. You’ll also be able to watch a video of your presentation that includes real-time feedback on your delivery. Linked tutorials will offer guidance on delivery, design, and responding to your audience. You may practice your presentation and receive feedback as many times as you’d like.

Before you leave the studio, you’ll want to delete all of your recordings. Because all GWL clients log in to PitchVantage through the same studio account, later users will be able to view your recordings if you don’t delete them.

For feedback on the structure and ideas of your talk, book an appointment with a GWL writing consultant.