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Choosing a WR Course

Keep these three suggestions in mind:

(1) Take something soon. You must take at least one WR course by the end of sophomore year, but we urge you to take one your very first semester. The best way to become a strong college writer is to take one or more WR courses every year that you’re at Yale.

(2) Take what you’re interested in. More than 150 courses, spanning 45 different academic departments, fulfill the WR requirement. Participating departments are listed below. WR courses do not always assign more writing—instead, the professors have agreed to give more feedback and guidance about writing.

(3) Introductory English courses are especially strong introductions to writing at Yale. All of the courses listed below will give you a strong foundation in writing, but keep in mind that they each focus on a different type of writing.

English 114: Academic Writing—writing college papers
English 115: Writing about Literature
English 120: Creative Non-fiction
English 121: Academic and professional writing for a particular field
English 125, 126, 127, 129, 130: Literature classes with writing emphasis

Departments that offer WR Courses