Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Writing for Publication

Every year, The Graduate Writing Lab offers a number of workshops, workshop series, and panels featuring leading editors and publishers on how to turn your research writing into a professional publication. Here are some sample topics that have been covered in the recent past: 


Workshops and Workshop Series on Turning Your Research into a Publication

  • Writing a Clear and Conscise Abstract for Research Papers and Reviews
  • Strategies for Writing Effective Peer Reviews for Colleagues and Journals
  • Writing Review Articles
  • Writing Abstracts in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • From Paper to Publication in the Humanities and Social Sciences 4-part workshop series
    • Getting Started
    • Positioning Your Paper
    • Honing Your Original Argument
    • Revising, Submitting, and Navigating Reviewer Feedback
  • Research Paper Writing in the Sciences 5-Part Workshop Series
    • Writing Clear Introductions
    • Writing the Discussion Section
    • Methods and Results
    • Titles, Abstracts, and Figure Legends
    • Submitting and Responding to Editors


Panels Featuring Leading Experts on the Publishing Process


The Graduate Writing Lab also puts on panel events featuring experts and representatives  from  top  university presses on topics related to turning your dissertation and academic projects into publishable books and articles.


Themes are oriented toward both disciplinary and interdisciplinary projects, and previous panels have covered a wide range of science disciplines as well as expansive areas of Humanities and Social Science fields, including the areas of Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Psychology, Film Studies, English Literature, Environmental Studies, and Religion.


Here are a few of our previous panel topics:


  • Going from Dissertation to Book Panel Event and individual consultations with editors
  • First Book: How to Edit, Pitch, and Publish Your Yale dissertation
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Knnow about Academic Publishing…but Were too Afraid to Ask
  • How to Publish a Book in Political Science, International Relations, Law, and Economics
  • Crafting a Convincing Book Proposal
  • Preparing to Publish in the Sciences
  • Should I Submit to Open Access Journals?