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Drop-In: Residential College Math/Science Tutors

Residential College Math/Science Tutors

Summer Session 2023  Tutoring starts Mon  May 29  2023, contines thru Thu Aug 3 2023.


Olivia Ding   * Only on ZOOM Mon May 29, 2023 *

Office & Schedule:   SML 116 C,  https://yale.zoom.us/j/3864556706

Mon 5.00 PM - 6.00 PM

Subjects: ECON, Calculus


Tyler Myers

Office & Schedule:  SML 116 C,  https://yale.zoom.us/j/91918312039

Tue 5.00 PM - 6.00 PM



Sorosh Amiri 

 Office & Schedule:   SML 116 D,  https://yale.zoom.us/j/5906027293

Tue  6:00 PM - 7.00 PM



Susannah Huth

Office & Schedule: SML 116 C,  https://yale.zoom.us/j/98664895776

Wed  5:00 PM - 6:00 PM



Shivnag Sista

Office & Schedule:  SML  116 D, https://yale.zoom.us/j/6759401371

Wed 5.00 PM - 6:00 PM



Xilin Yuan                * Last day Thu June 15*

Office & Schedule:  SML 116 C, https://yale.zoom.us/j/6539557525

Thu 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Subjects:  ECONOMICS, Calculus

About the Program



Residential College Mathematics and Science Tutors only work with Yale College Undergraduates.


  • Get help when you are struggling with a concept
  • Assess how deeply you comprehend the material
  • Talk to the tutors about research opportunities
  • Talk to the tutors about graduate school or careers in their field of study

When should I visit the Residential College Math & Science Tutors?

  • Early! Get to know the various tutors before you feel like you really need help.
  • When you are struggling with a concept.
  • When you are trying to assess how deeply you comprehend the material.
  • When you feel stuck on problem-solving.
  • To talk to the tutors about research opportunities. To talk to the tutors about graduate school or careers in their field of study.

How should I use tutoring?

To get the most out of your time with a tutor, prepare ahead for the session. The tutor will ask what you want to work on, so come knowing what you want to accomplish with the tutor. You might come…

  • To work through a question on a problem set
  • To review for a test
  • To talk through a concept you covered in lecture, lab, or reading
  • To organize class material and create study tools

Take advantage of the academic resources available to you at Yale by dropping-in to a tutoring session at any residential college where tutors have been scheduled - no appointment is needed. Tutoring is available in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Geology & Geophysics, Mathematics, MB&B, Physics, and Statistics. Tutors may be able to help in areas outside their immediate specialization.

For updates on tutoring schedules send an email to kailasnath.purushothaman@yale.edu with the word “subscribe” in the subject line. Notifications will be sent out to keep you informed about changes.

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