Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Small-Group and 1-1 Tutoring

Online Tutoring Update: Starting Monday, March 22, students assigned to an SQR tutor may continue to work with the tutor via zoom, subject to scheduling. Students who need a new SQR assignment should contact  kailasnath.purushothaman@yale.edu for help.


Yale College students who are getting a C or below in a QR or Science course may request scheduled tutoring, which can supplement going to office hours and getting help from Drop-In Tutoring. Whenever possible, students receive tutoring in groups of two or three (rather than one-on-one).

Hours and Locations 

Assignment of tutors is made by the Program Coordinator and, whenever possible, will be made within one week of receipt of the application. Students and tutors are notified of the assignment by email.

Students should contact the tutor as soon as they receive the email assignment. Sessions are scheduled by the tutor and student at a mutually convenient time and place, although all students must be tutored on campus.


Any student enrolled in Yale College and experiencing academic difficulty is eligible for up to ten hours of tutoring per course each semester through the program. For eligibility purposes, academic difficulty is defined as currently earning or likely to earn a grade of “C” or below in a course.

If you think you meet these criteria, you should see your residential college dean to request a tutor. For more information, you can also download the tutoring request form. Note that you will need a signature from your professor or teaching fellow to confirm that you are in academic difficulty.


Students do not need to pay for this service. If more than ten hours are needed, you may request additional time from the Program Coordinator. Normally, additional sessions are limited to no more than five hours.