Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

ONEXYS Prepares Incoming Freshman for College Mathematics

Led by Yale’s Shizuo Kakutani Lecturer in math, Jim Rolf, Online Experiences for Yale Scholars (ONEXYS) provides a cohort of incoming first-year students with the opportunity to prepare for the rigors of quantitative study at Yale before arriving on campus in the fall.

ONEXYS participants receive access to a wealth of online content, including videos built by Professor Rolf and his team, real-time discussions with other ONEXYS students, advice and mentoring from the current Yale students who serve as ONEXYS coaches, and a variety of problem sets, quizzes and other assessments to help them enhance their transition to Yale in the fall. Many of the quantitative concepts and skills covered in ONEXYS are drawn directly from Yale’s introductory math courses and placement exams, and are utilized across disciplines in the freshman year curriculum—ranging from economics to chemistry to political science.

The ONEXYS Summer experience from 2015 is highlighted in this video.

More information can be found at http://onexys.yale.edu.