Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Semester-long Learning Communities

The Poorvu Center offers semester-long faculty learning communities to support community and reflection around teaching practices through the sharing of strategies and resources. The learning communities convene every 2-3 weeks throughout the semester and are tailored to the needs of the group. We meet in person for the first and last meeting (with hybrid options if needed) and meet on Zoom for the other meetings. For those participating in the Faculty Teaching Academy for new faculty, attending 5 out of 6 sessions fulfills the learning community component.

Fall 2024 Learning Communities:

Please fill out this registration form to enroll in a learning community for the Fall 2024 semester. Those who register by August 16, 2024 will have their schedules prioritized as we set the meeting times for the semester.


Please contact faculty.teaching@yale.edu with any questions or for additional information.