Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

The Recording Studio

Two chairs, a microphone, and a camera are in the middle of the recording studio.

The Recording Studio is fitted with equipment for audio and video recording. It is only available for faculty and students who would like to use it for Yale class-related activities.

A Poorvu Center staff member will be available to demonstrate how to use the technology in the room before the first class session or class assignment.


  • Microphone: Up to four Audio-Technica AT2035 cardioid condenser microphones allow for studio quality multi-channel recordings for podcasts, interviews, audio for video, etc. A Yeti Blue USB microphone is available for easy connection to a computer for high quality quick recordings as well.
  • Video Camera: Black Magic 4K camera is ideal for professional video recordings. It is on a tripod with adjustable height.
  • Professional Lighting: Three ceiling mounted professional studio lights provide ideal light for diverse studio recordings with easy setup.
  • Studio Acoustics: Soundproofing acoustic foam is built in the side walls. It reduces echoes and background noise by absorbing the reverberations sound can make by bouncing off the walls.
  • Professional Backgrounds for video recording.
  • Studio Computer with Presonus Studio One, a fully featured digital audio workstation (DAW), as well as Audacity allows for a wide array of audio recording and editing options for users of all skill levels.
  • Capture Device: Extron SMP 352 allows a user to capture both camera video and a secondary source (laptop, secondary camera, etc.), as well as audio from a lavalier microphone, to a USB drive to easily record presentations.

Request for the Recording Studio can be made by emailing medialibrary@yale.edu with your preferred times.


  • We encourage faculty to use this space for trying out and getting comfortable with incorporating new technology in their pedagogy.
  • Podcasts for course assignments
  • Audio/Video interviews
  • Recording of video lecture/presentation
  • Desktop Capture