Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Learning Environments

Pedagogically oriented learning spaces and classrooms for holding special class sessions, and consultative services around Learning Space design.

For information about teaching in our space at the CTL, click here.

Technology Enhanced Classrooms and Computer Labs

The classrooms are pedagogically oriented learning spaces, and the labs are designed to serve departmental needs including over 20 software packages.

Classroom / Building Address Type Capacity Scheduled By
TEAL Classroom 17 Hillhouse
Room 101
Technology Enabled Active Learning Classroom 126

Center for Teaching and Learning

Watson A74 60 Sachem Street
Room A74
    Classrooms at Yale
17 Hillhouse #111 17 Hillhouse
Room 111
Computer Lab 52 Classrooms at Yale
Dunham Laboratory 10 Hillhouse Avenue
Room 120
Computer Lab 22 Classrooms at Yale
StatLab at Rosenkranz Hall 115 Prospect Street
Room 01
Computer Lab
14 Yale Scheduling
StatLab at CSSSI

Kline Biology Tower
219 Prospect Street
Room C27

Computer Lab 30 Yale Scheduling

Technology Help and Support

For help with projectors and instruction on their use, e-mail classroom.support@yale.edu or call 432-2650. To learn what additional equipment is available in classrooms, consult the ITS Classroom Search page.

Additional Information and Links

All requesters must be current Yale students, faculty, staff, or must be sponsored by a Yale department. Groups not affiliated with Yale and wishing to reserve rooms for conferences and other events should contact Yale Conferences & Events.

Building Use Guide for Yale University Classrooms

To review the media services available in a particular classroom, go to the ITS Classroom Equipment Web site.