Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

The CIRTL Network at Yale

Yale is a member of the international Center for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Network. CIRTL Network programs are broadly designed to improve future faculty STEM teaching and mentoring. Yale Graduate Students, Professional Students, and Postdocs who earn the Certificate of College Teaching Preparation (CCTP) will also earn the CIRTL Associate title.


Find the current schedule of CIRTL courses on the network’s website. As members, Yale constituents receive priority enrollment .

Every semester and during the summer, the CIRTL Network offers online opportunities for professional development including:

Additionally, CIRTL offers support for Teaching as Research (TAR) projects in which participants develop and execute a project to apply evidence-based teaching practices and assessments. Completion and peer review of TAR projects will earn participants the title of CIRTL Network Practitioner and Scholar, respectively.