Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Classroom Polling Consultations

Yale University adopted Poll Everywhere, a cloud-based and Canvas-integrated digital tool designed for classroom and audience engagement, to support real time, live polling activities in classrooms. Allowing for a wide range of questions types, Poll Everywhere is an easy way to engage students and receive feedback via short answers, multiple choice, clickable images, upvoting and many other question types. Polls can be run from the Poll Everywhere website or integrated in Powerpoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. Students can use a computer, smart phone or text message to respond to polls. Polling can be done anonymously with students replying to a custom url without creating an account. Alternatively, you can utilize an integration with Canvas to grade polls, track participation, and provide accounts to your students with a quick roster import process.

If you’d like to get started using Poll Everywhere in your classroom or would like a consultation, please email your request to medialibrary@yale.edu.

Faculty and teaching fellows can attend a Poll Everywhere workshop or access help guides on Canvas.