Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Past Spring Teaching Forums


The STF is a day-long conference that brings together all members of the Yale community (faculty, staff, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students) to engage in a discussion on a particular theme related to teaching and learning.

2003: Engaging Complexity

2004: Lecture, Section, and Learning

2005: Teaching and Research

2006: Teaching Students/Training Scholars

2007: Why Do We Grade?

2008: Information Explosion

2009: The Joy in Teaching

2010: Teaching Collaboratively

2011: Let’s Talk Lecture

2012: Learning and the Liberal Arts

2013: Online Teaching, Student Learning

2014: Are All Yale Students “A” Students?

2015: The Impact of Technology

2016: Valuing Diversity in Teaching and Learning

2017: Civic Concern in Teaching and Learning

2018: Difficult Conversations in Higher Education