Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Faculty Guide to Writing Resources for Students

Faculty attention to writing makes the biggest difference in student learning. Both this website and the overall approach of the Writing Center focus on helping professors articulate their expectations, discuss models of writing, and give effective feedback. But we also believe that all writers—academic, professional, student—benefit from additional support. Listed below are just some of the resources the Writing Center offers to individual student writers; each label will take you to the page on our site that explains the service more fully. Please encourage your students to take advantage of these opportunities, and contact us if you see unmet needs or have questions and suggestions.

The Residential College Writing Tutors

Provide one-on-one help on any writing project; work out of the Residential Colleges. For more information, click here.

Writing Partners

A staff of undergraduate and graduate students who give advice on papers-in-progress; work at the Writing Center, 35 Broadway. For more information, click here.

Using Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism

This online resource explains proper use of sources, both helping students to understand and avoid plagiarism and also encouraging them to join the academic conversation. We urge you to make this material required reading for your students, and even to take time with them to discuss their responses. For more information, click here.

Writing Handouts

This collection of handouts—each available in hard copy at the Writing Center—covers large-scale topics like motivating an argument, presenting analysis, and using sources, as well as finer points of academic writing such as signaling transitions, leading into quotations, and composing titles in any discipline. For more information, click here.

Model Papers

This page collects—from many different disciplines—essays that have won a prize in the annual Writing Center essay contest. With your direction, students can learn a great deal by reading good samples of academic writing. For more information, click here.