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Mid-Semester Feedback Tool Enhancement Radar

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The following features are on our radar to be added to a future release of the Mid-Semester Feedback Tool.

  • Instructor Tool

    • Tool Settings

      • Make tool available to instructors at the beginning of the term.

      • Allow instructors to turn off the tool by either clicking the disable button in the tool or by hiding the tool from the course navigation bar.

      • Allow instructors to use toggle between disable/enable using the button within the tool.

    • Creating Questions

      • Allow instructors to choose whether or not to use any/all of the default questions.

      • Allow instructors to add up to 4 questions

    • Viewing Submissions

      • Modify the submission list to show when there are 0 submissions.

  • Student Tool

    • Resolve an issue where some student submissions with unanswered questions received an error.

    • Add additional instructions on the survey to let students know they should complete the survey once for each course.

    • Post the title of the course within the survey.